Residential Care

We provide different levels of care, from residential care to specialist nursing care.

If living at home with little or no support is becoming more of a challenge, our compassionate care team can provide you with companionship and support in our residential care home. You will receive support with those daily task that are proving a little difficult whilst maintaining as much independence as possible.

If living at home with no support is becoming too difficult, Venturi Healthcare can provide you or your loved one with 24/7 residential care. Residential care is provided by an experienced and compassionate team, whose ambition it is to support our residents by making their life as enjoyable as possible. Residential care is available for those who maybe finding the day to day tasks of life a little more difficult and require some support. 

Our main aim is to give our residents a warm and relaxed atmosphere in their home. Every resident is given a care plan that we adjust to their personal needs. This means we will be involving both the residents and their families in creating and reviewing this plan. We want our residents to continue to live as normal a life as possible, so they still have independence for choices, rights, inclusion, etc. All residents have privacy, as their dignity and giving them respect is essential to what we do here. Our aim is to give our residents enjoyable activities, companionship, and support during hard times.

If you or your loved one has early-onset dementia, then residential care may be for you. We can even adapt our care for those suffering from memory loss. We base our dementia care on our resident’s life history and have their loving family involved to help them.

If you’re worried that your life has to change just because you’re getting a little older, you don’t have to. At Venturi Healthcare, we understand the need to socialise. We are a social species after all. Being part of a community is what we do, being cut off from that is terrifying and lonely. Residential care can also provide the socialising you need and want, all at your own pace and at your own convenience. The idea is that you can keep living the life you enjoy, just with a little extra help.

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