Funding Options

Funding Options

Now here is the worry you could be facing. How could you pay for the care you or your loved one needs? Well, numerous funding routes may apply. 

The cost of Venturi Healthcare’s care covers all the essentials: utility, meals, bedroom décor and daily activities. Though, it only costs a little extra if you or your loved one’s fancy treating themselves to hairdressing, chiropody, newspaper deliveries, or other non-essentials.

Self Funded

Those who have the financial means, will be required to pay for their care themselves. This can be a little daughting and we suggest you contact your local authority for further support and guidance. If you are able to fund your own care, you will commonly be referred to as a “self-funder” or “private payer”. 

Third Party Top ups

Many of our care homes also offer premium bedrooms which may have outstanding views and are usually larger. You are able to use the council or NHS contribution to pay the majority of your care fees and have a third party, usually a family member, to pay the difference. 

Local Authority Funded

To ensure you are receiving the correct funding package it is important you request a needs assessment from your local authority. This meeting will ensure you are able to access the funding available to you and enable you to agree what level of care is required. 

A representative from the local authority will complete a means-test assessment, which will include reviewing your assets such as your home and your income. Whether or not you receive funding from your local authority will depend on the value of your total assets and if they are in the upper or lower limits of the Government Capital Threshold. You may receive funding for the full cost of your care or a contribution which you can then top up via other methods.

NHS Funded Nursing Care Contribution

When you start looking for a nursing home the NHS may contribute towards your nursing fees. This type if funding is only available in nursing homes, not residential. This contribution – also known as Free Nursing Care – is given whether your fees are self-funded or Local Authority funded. Again, it is based on an assessment and this will be arranged with the NHS by the care home (subject to your consent) following admission. Payment is normally backdated to the date of admission or the date of application as applicable.

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

Anyone who needs full-time NHS healthcare due to disability, accident or illness is normally eligible. It is awarded following a full needs assessment by an NHS Assessor and can be awarded prior to admission to the care home or following admission as needs dictate. It covers care and basic living costs, and is intended to replicate what a care home resident would otherwise receive in a NHS setting such as a hospital. It may or may not fully cover the home’s normal weekly fees and those awarded CHC funding are not also eligible for FNC funding.

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