Meet The Team – Head Office

We provide different levels of care, from residential care to specialist nursing care.

Head Office is our heart; it connects all our homes together in their dedication to improving the care each home can give. Want to know more? Here are some staff profiles of the members of the Home Office.

Frank McGuinness

Managing Director

Frank is the Managing Director of Venturi Healthcare. He has a mass of experience and knowledge in the care industry and has a simple wish to provide the best possible care he can. Though he doesn’t work alone, he receives help and support from a Senior Management Team and an experienced group of Registered Care Managers. As the Managing Director, he puts all his effort into sustainability; making sure our homes can run for many years to come.

Gianluca Loria

Chief Financial Officer

Gianluca’s specialism is finance, and he works tirelessly in driving excellence in the care industry. Gianluca is helped by the Senior Management and Finance Teams. As the Chief Financial Officer, he must see both the short and long term. He is responsible for Venturi Healthcare’s money after all, luckily he has a head on his shoulders that is perfect for business decisions.

Jenna Bethell

Head of HR Services

Without our staff, Venturi Healthcare wouldn’t be here! HR is here to support the staff and build partnerships between the office and the home staff, and at the head is Jenna. She has worked for many years here rising the ranks through our HR team and now sits on the Senior Management Team. Jenna has a Level 7 CIPD in Human Resource Management and focuses on driving the business forward in line with Company ethos, vision, and behaviours, she is the lead for people management within the company.

Sue Cartwright

Clinical Operations Manager

When caring for ill residents and those getting on in years, healthcare is essential. Growing old isn’t fun, but with experience as a registered nurse and home manager Sue is the best choice for a Clinical Operations Manager. Sue has been a part of our Senior Management Team for many years and provides key clinical and operational support to the Registered Managers within the group. Our residents and their quality of care is Sue’s top priority.

Sarah Nelson

Finance Manager

As another finance expert, Sarah is our Finance Manager for Venturi Healthcare. A whole 15 years of working with Venturi Healthcare has given Sarah a wide range of experience. Through the years she has never lost her drive and has continued to grow professionally, leading to her becoming a key member of the Senior Management Team. What an achievement. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge in effective financial management within the care sector, meaning her skill set is invaluable to the business. She is guided by the Chief Financial Officer.

Jo Willis

HR Officer

Jo is a dedicated and efficient HR Officer. Jo is a jack of all trades when it comes to HR areas, having knowledge of every aspect, but she also specialises in employee relations such as recruitment, absence management and organisational change. Jo is there to keep everything working as it should, making sure everyone in HR always follows the company ethos and values. Jo both supports and guides the Registered Managers and employees.

Helen Lowe

HR Officer

Helen also joined the team at Venturi Healthcare in July 2020. She now supports the HR and Recruitment Team, with her main focuses being recruitment and absence management. She is also a newly qualified CIPD Associate. Helen had the role of being the first introduction to the company for our Kickstarters and has helped the business grow by adding many new faces and new ideas to the company. Helen has many years of experience in retail management.

Julie Lumb

Purchase Ledger Clerk

Julie is one of our newest members, only joining Head Office in July 2020. Julie supports the Finance Team with her focus being our purchase ledger and agency control. She wants nothing more than to support her team when reviewing trends and effectively managing those pesky business costs.

Margaret Mochrie

Credit Control & Estates Officer

As the credit-control and estates officer, the Finance Manager and Registered Managers rely on Margaret’s effective working style every day. She also has knowledge of health and safety from her previous roles in the leisure and care industry.As the credit-control and estates officer, the Finance Manager and Registered Managers rely on Margaret’s effective working style every day. She also has knowledge of health and safety from her previous roles in the leisure and care industry.

Alison Morris

Sales Ledger

Alison focuses on Sales Ledger and Resident accounts. The mass of knowledge she’s gained throughout life is essential in supporting the Registered Managers. She’s their best support with all financial aspects relating to Resident Admissions and ongoing financial agreements.

Tim De Vere

Facilities Manager

Tim came to us in September 2021 to fill a brand-new position of Facilities Manager. Tim is passionate and dedicated to preventing small issues from spiralling out of control. Coming from 15 years of experience in the NHS, Tim is on our first line of defence when something goes wrong in one of our homes. Tim is relied on by everyone to fix issues in the homes day to day with his organisation skills. Tim is even planning to build and run a maintenance team, instead of relying on single disconnected individuals in each home.

James Heaton

Payroll Coordinator

James is one of our many success stories from Kickstart. Coming to us as a fresh pair of eyes on Kickstart, he completed his six-month placement and successfully became one of our valued permanent members of staff at our home office. He has a brain suited to numbers and good knowledge of accounts processing, so is perfect as our payroll coordinator. Due to his Kickstart placement James has made a reputation for himself helping out every department, and is in daily contact with our homes. James is even part of our upcoming project “Locker-room”; a staff forum where we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of Venturi Healthcare, determined to improve as they go.

Bethan Tempest

Kickstart Administrator

Bethan is our newest member, joining our Kickstarters this year. With qualifications and history in creative writing, Bethan is a key worker in this website design/writing team and even helps with our attendance lotto to reward our dedicated staff. She is regularly in contact with our homes to help with shifts and staffing. Bethan is enthusiastic and works hard to learn in her placement, as well as build friendly relations with everyone in our home office.

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